You will never come close to how I feel

“If I ever really felt depressed, I would just start putting on all my old records that I played as a kid, because the whole thing that really lifted me then still lifted me during those other times. It was good medicine for me, and it still does that for me when I put something on. Isn’t wonderful that we got all that good medicine? I think it’s got to be all part of our DNA, this mass communication through music. That’s what it is. It’s got to be, hasn’t it? Music is the one thing that has been consistently there for me. It hasn’t let me down.” - Jimmy Page

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“I’m the voice inside your head, you refuse to hear..”


Submarine (2010)

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my mistakes were made for you.



“The closer he looks at the child, the less he sees … The more he looks at it, there’s nothing there. He fears that the more you look at him the less you see. There isn’t anything there.” - John Hughes

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Chet Baker | Almost Blue

A lot of hours to occupy, it was easy when I didn’t know you yet
Things I have to forget
But I better be quiet now
I’m tired of wasting my breath
Carrying on and getting upset

Maybe I got a problem, but that’s not what I wanted to say
I’d prefer to say nothing.
I got a long way to go
I’m getting further away.

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Elliott Smith’s “Figure 8” mural (Solutions Audio Video Repair)

A dor ensina muita coisas, sendo que uma delas é sofrer.